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NDP questions if Nalcor procurement reports adhered to legislation

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

In the House of Assembly today, the NDP Leader asked questions about the Energy Corporation Act and whether or not the Minister of Natural Resources has received regular reports detailing procurement activities and contracts, as per the legislation.

Section 17.1, Subsection (4) of the Energy Corporation Act states that Nalcor and all subsidiaries shall report to the minister every six months on their procurement activities and shall include a summary of contracts entered into and the identities of suppliers.

In Question Period, Michael repeatedly asked if these regular reports were received and if information on embedded contractors was provided.

“Was information on embedded contractors provided? Were identities of the suppliers included as demanded by the legislation?” asked Michael.

Michael stated that, as a supplier of a service, an individual embedded contractor should be identified. She asked if the Minister has demanded this identification and, if so, why it was not made public, as required by Subsection (5).

“The legislation makes clear that the Minister is supposed to table those reports that would include all of this information. Why hasn’t the minister tabled those reports?”


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