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Low Income Seniors are in Pain. We Need to Fill the Gaps in Seniors Dental Care

Seniors shouldn’t have to call our offices in pain, unable to eat properly, and pleading with us to help them overcome the barriers preventing them from accessing dental care.

When the federal dental plan expands this fall there is going to be a tidal wave of patients booking appointments.


The Liberal government will leave low income seniors waiting in pain fighting to get an appointment when the federal seniors' dental program launches.

We are demanding the Liberal government have some forethought and a plan to ensure that low income seniors with the greatest need can access dental care now so they don’t have to fight to be seen by a dentist.

Get the Word Out

You can help put pressure on the government to improve access to dental care for low income seniors. Here's how:

  • Share the digital petition through your networks on social media using the hashtag #fillthegapsnl

  • Download a petition and collect signatures in your community. Petitions signed in person can be read officially by your NDP MHAs in the House of Assembly. 

  • Once you're ready to send us your in-person signatures call 709.729.0270 to arrange for pickup

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