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Welcome Message to Members

Let’s Build the Newfoundland and Labrador we know is possible.

We’re delighted you’ve joined the New Democratic Party, the home of progressive Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who believe we can build a better province – a province that ensures opportunity, equality, and justice – where no one is left behind.

As you begin what, we hope, is a long and rewarding relationship with the New Democratic Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, I encourage you to take an active role in the party. We are a political party fuelled by our members’ ideas, donations, and activism.

Our Promise to You

We’re committed to engaging you in the work of the party and keeping you informed. Explore this website for news releases, policy statements, and announcements. If you’ve provided us with an email, we’ve added you to our newsletter – our way of reaching out to you with important information and updates.

Party Structure

Party Governance and Structure

The party is made up of members governed by a Constitution, available here. The Constitution lays out the party structure (members, district associations, officers, executive) and rules which can be updated and changed only by the membership at biennial Conventions.

Conventions are where members develop and debate policies, vote on leadership, and elect members to serve as the party executive to ensure the proper conduct of party affairs and elections, including fiscal oversight.

If you're interested in putting your talents to work for the party – building a district association, working on elections, fundraising – there are plenty of opportunities to share your energy and ideas. Please reach out today and I’ll match your interests with the opportunities available. Check out a more complete list of how to get involved below.

Funding Progressive Work

Membership Funds Progressive Work

It’s no surprise that we need money to win elections. We rely on donations to build the progressive voice of Newfoundland and Labrador. In fact, more than any other party in the province, we rely on individual donations to fund our work.

As a member you have the opportunity to sign on to the Monthly Contribution Plan (MCP) to help with a steady, reliable source of income for party operations, to build election funds, and to carry out campaigns between elections such as the $15 minimum wage campaign we launched in August 2017. Did you know that political donations provide a very generous tax credit? Giving $100 only costs you $25 – check out the tax credits available.

There is strength in numbers. A strong and committed membership spread all across the province is the very foundation necessary for electing progressive voices to the House of Assembly. Read on to learn more about how to make your membership rewarding.


Thank you for joining the New Democrats. Let’s Build the Newfoundland and Labrador we know is possible.

In Solidarity,
Jamie Ruby, Membership Secretary
New Democratic Party of Newfoundland and Labrador 

Membership Benefits

Make your Membership Rewarding 

  • Become a monthly donor. Besides the generous tax credit you receive, you are helping to ensure consistent funding for the Party that works for people of the province.

  • Join an NDP District Association (DA) in your area – or help form a DA. It only takes three people to establish a DA. A DA is a home for progressive voices in your area and a vehicle to help choose a candidate for your district in a general election. The next election will be fall 2019.

  • Like and follow the NL NDP on Facebook and Twitter. Social media is a great way to share what the party and the MHAs are doing.

  • Give feedback. Reach out to any member of the party executive if you have issues, ideas or accolades to share.​

    • ​Contact the NDP MHAs in the House of Assembly if you have questions or issues to raise or suggestions to make.​

  • Attend Conventions. Our provincial Leadership Convention took place in October 2021. Our next Convention will be in 2023; stay tuned for more information.

  • Contact your regional representative on the provincial executive and offer to volunteer. We’ll be happy to match your talent to something you are interested in.

  • Join the Women’s Caucus if you are a woman, the Youth Caucus if you are 26 years old or under, the Disability Caucus if you are a person living with a disability, and/or the Indigenous Caucus if you are Indigenous.

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