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NDP presses government for answers on plan for carbon tax revenue

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Today the NDP Caucus demanded answers from government on their newly announced carbon tax in compliance with the federal government. NDP Leader Gerry Rogers asked the Premier for his projected revenue and government’s plan for this revenue.

Government says we will participate in federal green programs with matching funds for various projects, but has not announced any commitment to a provincial green fund.

“That’s not the same as putting our carbon tax money into a permanent provincial green fund,” said Rogers. “I ask the Premier, how much carbon tax revenue will he commit to green programs and how much will go into general revenue?”

NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael says one way jurisdictions use carbon tax revenues is by creating a fund to help local residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations retrofit homes and offices. She says programs in this province are only available to a fraction of those who need them.

“I ask the Premier will he commit to creating a dedicated carbon tax retrofit fund to help more people prepare for the onslaught of Muskrat Falls?” said Michael.

Michael says transportation is a large greenhouse gas emitter in our province at 34 per cent. But the new carbon tax only replaces the existing gas tax – it won’t be a further incentive to reduce emissions.

“What are your incentives to improve public transportation, which would cut emissions and stimulate the economy?” Michael asked.


For further information, contact Zaren Healey White, Director of Communications, 729-2137 (o) or 693-9172 (c).

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