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NDP celebrates Pride Week 2018, says efforts for change must continue

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

NDP Leader Gerry Rogers is bringing greetings from the NDP Caucus during the annual Pride Week in St. John’s.

Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) congratulates the St. John’s Pride Committee for their vision, commitment, and creativity, as well as their tremendous volunteer work to plan this week of activities. Rogers says Pride Week is about all of us working together in respect, in determination, in hope, and in celebration.

She says we must never forget that our rights are never given, they are hard won.

“We must listen to each with other with the intent to really hear, so we can continue to work together until no trans person is denied the services they need to be fully who they are – especially fair and equal access to public health services – and until no LGBTQ2S person is denied a community, a job, a home because of who they are,” Rogers said.

“We must work until no LGBTQ2S youth is bullied, ridiculed, homeless, or loses their life to suicide because of hate and homophobia.”

Roger says the province has come a long way with many significant strides.

“We have created change. We worked to amend the Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation, and then again to include gender identity and expression. We have changed our Vital Statistics Act so trans folks can change their gender markers without first having to undergo surgery. It is a matter of dignity, safety, and human rights,” Rogers said.

“During Pride Week 2018, let us be here, let us be seen, be heard, and be celebrated!”

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