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NDP calls on House to swiftly accept new rules for conduct of MHAs

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Nov. 20, 2019

NDP calls on House to swiftly accept new rules for conduct of MHAs

NDP Leader Alison Coffin is calling on all members of the House of Assembly to vote to support the recommendations of the final report by the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections and adopt the proposed anti-harassment policy, expected to be brought to the House in the coming days.

In April 2019, the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections tabled its final report on the development of a harassment-free workplace policy that was specific to the legislature. The report includes a proposed policy applicable to complaints against MHAs.

Coffin says this was a comprehensive, significant, and much needed piece of work. The report was tabled in April but the early election call interrupted it being passed in the House. Coffin praises the diligent work by the Committee’s former members, including MHA Lorraine Michael who served as vice-chair.

“This report came about after months and months of analysis and consultations by the Committee,” said Coffin. “The proposed policy outlines a clear process for complaints against MHAs and supports the notion that our elected officials must be held to a high standard of acceptable conduct.”

Coffin notes the pressure to develop a modern and robust policy came about after allegations of harassment and misconduct arising from within the Liberal Caucus in spring 2018.

“This will have a significant impact on the culture of our legislature and how MHAs conduct themselves both inside and outside of the House of Assembly. This proposed new policy, which has been carefully developed, must be implemented without delay,” Coffin said.


For further information, contact Zaren Healey White, Director of Communications, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), 693-9172 (c), or

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