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Muskrat profits for Emera while NLers face massive electricity bill hikes

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Members of the NDP Caucus were looking for answers from government on Muskrat Falls today in the House of Assembly, sparked by the Premier’s statement last week that electrical bills will double for residents of the province in three years.

“That means people now paying $300 a month will be facing a staggering $600 for their power bill,” said St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers.

“I ask the Premier, what measures is the Premier planning now to help homeowners, businesses and institutions prepare for these skyrocketing power bills?”

The NDP caucus has told successive governments that Nalcor and the Muskrat Falls project should be regulated by the Public Utilities Board so that consumers are protected.

“Nova Scotia’s UARB acted decisively in protecting the people of Nova Scotia from excessive power bills – as a regulator is supposed to do,” said Rogers.

“I ask the Premier, why won’t he give this province’s PUB oversight of the Muskrat Falls project so they can begin to protect the people here in Newfoundland and Labrador?”

St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi MHA Lorraine Michael had concerns about private Nova Scotia electrical utility Emera’s ownership of part of the project, and what this could cost the people of the province.

“A recent Emera document revealed it has a 59 per cent ‘partnership capital’ in the Muskrat Falls transmission line,” she said. “I ask the Premier, is this accurate, and if so, what are the financial implications for the people of this province?”

“Muskrat Falls is two years behind schedule, and Emera is claiming, with their Maritime Link completed, the delay will cost them $326 million in debt servicing. Emera is asking Nova Scotia’s UARB if it can recover this cost from Nova Scotian ratepayers,” Michael continued.

“I ask the Premier, could the people of this province be on the hook for some of this cost, and if so, how much?”


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