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Housing Crisis Persisting from St. John’s to Labrador West

For Immediate Release

17 August, 2023

NDP MHA Jordan Brown (Labrador West) is calling on government to address the housing crisis that’s impacting residents from one end of the province to the other. Despite multiple calls to action from the NDP, government refuses to ensure people have access to safe, affordable homes. Now workers are unable to take jobs due to a lack of available housing in communities, and university students are being told to defer their studies for a year while they wait for housing to come available.

“Enough of this leaving people to live without the dignity of a safe place to call home. Government has a role to play in this housing crisis and it’s unacceptable for their solution to be to sit back and watch people struggle. We need to ensure people can have a safe affordable place to live,” said Brown. “So far this month in Labrador West alone I have seen a housing support worker lose her home and be unable to find an affordable home, a nurse got an eviction notice and was unable to find an affordable house – so they’re moving elsewhere. Now the university is telling students to defer their studies because there is no housing available. Is this the government’s housing strategy?” asked Brown. “The Premier’s hands must be sore because all he has done was sit on them as people in every corner of this province struggle through a housing crisis. There is no end in sight due to this government’s refusal to do the hard work and build more non-market houses.”

In Labrador West, the economy is experiencing an economic upswing that has fueled the housing crisis. Brown questioned

“It’s beyond difficult for people to find housing. It’s impacting their mental wellness, stress, and their outlook on life in this province,” said Brown. “Labrador West that is in an economic boom and not a single rental unit has been constructed. What is the Premier’s aversion to addressing this crisis? The answer is there from advocates across the country – build more non-market houses.

“We understand this government is afraid of hard work and would prefer to just sign a cheque and pose for a photo, but so far that strategy has done nothing to put people in safe affordable homes.”


NDP Caucus Office, Confederation Building, St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6 ˑ 709-729-0270 ˑ


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