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Government creating chaos and confusion with cannabis retail plan

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Gerry Rogers, the NDP Critic for Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, remains concerned with the government’s unrealistic and unworkable approach for cannabis sales.

Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says government has created chaos and confusion in the small business community regarding this matter. Based on the eight per cent commission on sales that is being offered, Rogers explains, a store would need to sell over 500 grams of cannabis every day just to cover its expenses.

She says no one except Canopy Growth can do that. She wants to know, where is the commitment to local small business that the Minister so proudly announced?

“I ask the Minister, how can he keep his commitment to no co-location of alcohol and cannabis in a retail space – except in extenuating circumstances – when he has made it economically impossible for a Tier 1 retail space to even cover its expenses?” Roger said.

Rogers notes that Ontario is doing further public consultation in order to establish reasonable, workable, and enforceable laws regarding where you can and cannot consume cannabis. She says, meanwhile, this government arbitrarily decided that cannabis can only be consumed on private property.

“People are concerned and have many questions. For instance, can people smoke cannabis at their campsite where they are currently allowed to drink beer and smoke cigarettes?” Rogers said.

Roger asked the Minister if he would commit to additional public consultation to determine what the people of the province believe is the best approach.

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