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Support the NL NDP

Help us build the progressive voice of Newfoundland and Labrador.
More than any other party in our province, we rely on individual donations to fund our work.
Are you donating to the provincial or federal NDP?

All buttons and links on this page are for the provincial New Democratic Party.

To donate to the federal NDP visit

Donate online using a credit card

  • We accept one-time donations, or you can make your contribution monthly by checking the box on the next page.

  • If you would like to suggest how your donation is directed, please send an email to with your request. See below for options.

Donate by Credit Card
  • There is a form that can be filled in electronically or printed and handwritten.

  • It can be returned by email or through the mail (with supporting documentation).

Donate by alternative method

The following are options to direct your donation:

  • Helen Fogwill Porter Fund for women candidates

  • To a particular district (or candidate during election period)

  • To a particular caucus: Youth, Indigenous or Women’s

Direct your Donation
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