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Ventilation is Still Important in Post COVID-19 Schools: Dinn

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

For Immediate Release

13 May, 2022

NL NDP Interim Leader and MHA for St. John’s Centre Jim Dinn is calling for government to continue to take action on the schools in this province that still need proper ventilation systems.

With this morning’s announcement and as we begin to lift COVID-19 restrictions, Dinn says it is still important to stay vigilant and protect the health of the students, teachers, and staff in our schools.

“If there is anything the pandemic taught us, it is the importance of adequate ventilation and physical distancing in keeping students safe,” said Dinn. “There are still schools that do not have mechanical ventilation or HVAC systems, and classrooms are still crowded. As measures are relaxed, I fear the need for upgrading and installing ventilation systems will cease to be a priority for government.”

While the school year is reaching its end, Dinn emphasizes the importance of making classrooms and schools safer for everyone, and continuing our COVID-19 practices into the next school year.

“As we continue to take steps in reducing COVID-19 restrictions, we must still focus on the health within our schools,” said Dinn. “Physical distancing and proper ventilation systems are measures that will help our students and teachers feel safe as things start to get back to normal. Now is the time for government to act and invest in our students and their continued health.”


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NR 1352022 Ventilation is Still Important in Post COVID-19 Schools Dinn
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