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Statement from NL NDP Leader Jim Dinn in Solidarity with AAHP

For Immediate Release

22 January, 2024

“Collective Agreements serve the purpose of ensuring that all members concerns are understood and addressed. They serve to protect workers, and ensure that workers are being paid equally for work of equal value.

“The Association of Allied Health Professionals members are fundamental to our healthcare system, and have been working hard to ensure that people in this province have access to the health care they need. They are on the frontlines, doing such necessary work. It is clear, based on their actions, that Liberal government does not fully understand what these professionals do, and the difference they make in the system.

“The disparities that AAHP and their members have brought forward are legitimate concerns, especially in terms of the Job Evaluation System (JES). It is concerning for the NDP Caucus as well to learn about the very obvious disparities in the JES system, as we fundamentally believe in equal pay for equal work. It leaves us concerned that there are disparities within other job evaluations throughout the province. The government needs to be transparent about this system and implement an independent review to ensure JES is working as government says it is.

“This Liberal government continues to say that they are doing the most, taking the action needed, to get back to the bargaining table, but I don’t see that. I see a focus on taking a budget-based approach to collective agreements, an approach that has landed us in this crisis-level situation within our healthcare system.

“I’ve seen government employ this strategy over and over while reassuring the public and members of the bargaining unit that they value their work and are being fair. However, that is not good enough at a time when our healthcare system, along with many others, are in crisis because successive governments have failed to listen to what workers have been saying for decades and address the human resources crisis.

“The NDP Caucus stands in solidarity with the Association of Allied Health Professionals.”



For further information, contact Eddy St. Coeur, Director of Communications, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), or


NR 19012024 Jim Dinn Statement Solidarity with AAHP
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