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Statement from NDP Leader Jim Dinn on All Party Committee on Addictions

For Immediate Release

1 September, 2023

We look forward to being part of any committee that is going to address this serious issue with some caveats. It has to answerable to the House of Assembly and we cannot wait until the work of this committee is complete and the report issued before we take action.

While the committee does its work here are some actions government can do right away:

· Build more non-market and community-based housing

· Ensure there are more councilors in the school system

· Recruit social workers to fill the ninety-nine vacancies

· More core funding for community organizations

· Set up safe injection sites and safe supply

· Investigate how the programs in BC and Oregon are working and how can we apply them here in our province.

Addictions affect entire families, not just the individual battling addiction. Children are going to school every day traumatized by a family member living with an addiction. We must look at the needs of children to determine the allocation school councillors and teachers not decide based on the number of children in a school.

There is not enough affordable housing. We cannot be putting people in the shelters when they are telling us it will jeopardize their mental health and their sobriety.

Government needs to continue the work of the All Party committee on Basic Income and address poverty and the growing inequality in our province. People need hope.

Every day we are hearing about more families left devastated because of addictions and the toxic drug crisis. This will not change until government takes meaningful action. My condolences are with all those who have lost loved ones. My NDP colleagues and I are committed to do our part so no more lives are lost.


Media Contact: Eddy St. Coeur, Director of Communications, 709.729.2137

NR 01092023 Statement from NDP Leader Jim Dinn on All Party Committee on Addictions
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