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Statement from Alison Coffin, NL NDP Leader on Friday night's Public Health Announcement

"We have been doing so well for so long and it is disheartening to hear the news Dr. Fitzgerald brought to us tonight. Our thoughts are with those who are affected and their families. I know Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will pull together and get through this latest stage of our battle with COVID-19. Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk has made the right decision, under the circumstances, to suspend in-person voting in the current election. The priority for all of us must be to stay safe and to work together to keep all our friends and neighbours safe. I remain convinced that it was irresponsible for Andrew Furey to call this election in the first place. There was absolutely no need, aside from the hope of political gain, for him to call this election in mid-winter at the height of a pandemic. We have said from day one that this election could have waited until August when most of the province's people had been vaccinated. I encourage everyone to request their special ballot by the new deadline of Monday, February 15 at 8 p.m. (7:30 in Labrador) and to return it promptly."



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