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Nothing in Budget to Address Cost of Living in Labrador West

For Immediate Release

3 May, 2024


NDP MHA Jordan Brown (Labrador West) voted against the budget today due to the lack of meaningful action to address the issues facing those in Labrador West. Brown points out many reasons why he voted no, including lack of plan for recruitment and retention, MTAP, and lack of anti-scab legislation for workers.


“This provincial budget does not address the current shortages of workers in critical industries. There is no plan to address retention and recruitment of education and health care workers, which puts the future of our region in jeopardy.”


“Workers in Labrador West, and across the province, deserve protection and resources. I am disappointed to see that this Liberal government did not follow in their Federal cousins footsteps and bring in anti-scab legislation to ensure workers have the right to strike and be heard by employers,” said Brown. “Instead, ironically, this Liberal government actually crossed a picket-line, sleeping in the building overnight, to deliver a budget that does nothing for workers.


“MTAP continues to impact access to timely and adequate health care for Labradorians. While adjustments have been made, not enough has been done to ensure MTAP works efficiently. Labradorians deserve continuum of care, and a holistic service that brings people to care, or brings that care to the people. The burden of paperwork and red tape continues to impact access to care, especially for seniors in Labrador West.


“We learned that the six mental health beds recommended in the Towards Recovery report have not been accessible due to lack of staffing. This government can make all the announcements they want, but without an actual plan to staff these beds with unionized workers, people will not reap any benefits.


“This budget does not support families as they age and their children as they grow,” said Brown. “People considering a move here – or anywhere in the province – want to know: ‘Will I have a place to live? Will my children get the education they need? Is appropriate medical care available to us?’


“I can not support a budget from a government that continues to treat Labradorians as an afterthought and does not deal with the needs my constituents are facing.”




For further information, contact Stephanie Curran, Media Relations Manager, NDP Caucus at 330-0328 (o), or  

NR 05032024 Nothing in Budget to Address Cost of Living in Labrador West
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