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New Democrats are continuing to fight for people living in Labrador

Today NDP Candidate for Lake Melville Amy Norman made the following statement on the New Democrats' plan to support Labrador:

"People living in Labrador face unique challenges that aren't quite the same in Newfoundland. Our climate, isolation and high cost of living need to be considered when governments are making decisions that affect Labrador. It was really disappointing to see that the Liberals didn't really address the difficulties that exist here in their platform. It's frustrating that politicians keep treating us like an afterthought.

"For too long, we have been told we're asking for too much when what we really want is fairness. Labrador and the vibrant people who live here contribute so much to the province and we need elected officials who will stand up for all of us.

"The NDP understands how important it is for Indigenous voices to have a seat at the table where decisions are being made. Instead of more statues and outdated ideas about who Indigenous peoples are, we need real, concrete action toward reconciliation.

"By working together, we can find solutions to the food insecurity, affordable housing problems and mental health and addictions issues people face in Labrador.

"We'll fight to have the government pay the airfare upfront for medical travel. This will help people get to their medical appointments without worrying about the financial cost.

"We'll make sure seniors in our communities can actually afford to see a dentist and we'll work to make sure there are more doctors and specialists available in Labrador.

"We'll bring back the home heating rebates that the Liberals cut so people can afford to stay warm during our long, cold winters.

"New Democrats will ensure permanent, core funding for the Mokami Status of Women Council here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and the Labrador Status of Women Council in Lab City so they can keep helping women and their families.

"Instead of politicians telling people to make do with what they have, New Democrats like Jordan Brown and Patricia Johnson-Castle will make life better and more affordable for all of us."



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