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NDP questions why Canopy Growth deal made without Request for Proposals

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Today in Question Period, Leader Gerry Rogers asked the Premier about the unusual lack of a Request for Proposals to supply cannabis in the province leading to the deal with Canopy Growth.

Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) asked the Premier why exactly a RFP wasn’t issued for the supply of cannabis.

“I ask the Premier, how did he know that the highly subsidized Canopy Growth deal was the best deal for the province when no other companies were even asked to bid?” Rogers continued.

Rogers says the business community knows the Canopy Growth deal was a bad deal for the province, as do the people of the province. She asked the Premier why he – a business person – would sanction such a terrible deal for the province.

“I ask the Premier, why wouldn’t government at least ensure the highly subsidized Canopy Growth facility and its 145 jobs be set up in an area of the province with high unemployment, instead of St. John’s, with the lowest unemployment rate in the province?” Rogers said.

“I ask the Premier, will other cannabis production facilities be offered the same sweetheart deal as the heavily subsidized Canopy Growth agreement, including relief on remittances and guaranteed licences for retail outlets?”

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