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NDP Leader Alison Coffin casts her vote at advance poll

ST. JOHN'S – Today NDP leader Alison Coffin cast her vote and she's encouraging all residents of the province to make their voices heard by voting.

"This is our chance to shape the future of our province. People are saying they're worried about what will happen after the election. We know there is financial hardship ahead but people are afraid about how that will be handled," said Coffin. "The Liberals' choice to call an election before people could see the plan in the secret Moya Greene report has definitely created anxiety. The potential for job losses and cuts to services people need if the Liberals form government is definitely in people's minds."

Mr. Furey has said everything is on the table when asked about the plan for the future. He did little to quiet fears last week when he couldn't confirm that job cuts were out of the question.

"People are already struggling to afford a good life. We're seeing people continue to leave Newfoundland and Labrador to look for opportunity elsewhere. We have got to start investing in our people and the services they need here at home," said Coffin.

"New Democrats are going to make different choices. We're going to lift people up and have their backs the way government should," said Coffin. "We're going to fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage so that people can live a little more comfortably. We'll invest in more health care workers and affordable medical travel for Labradorians to ensure quality care is available when it's needed. We'll make sure low-income seniors can afford to see a dentist and provide home heating rebates to keep people warm without going broke."

The Advance Polls are open tonight until 8 p.m. NT, 7:30 p.m. in Labrador.



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