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NDP Caucus focuses on childcare, women’s equality on national day of remembrance and action

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

In recognition of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, the NDP Caucus is pushing government for answers on issues including an affordable childcare strategy, pay equity, and multi-year support for crucial women’s programming. The NDP Caucus has also called for a task force on violence against women and girls.

Lorraine Michael and Gerry Rogers asked questions in the House of Assembly in memory of lifelong feminist activist and anti-violence advocate Susan Shiner. Rogers also dedicated a member’s statement to Shiner today.

In Question Period, Michael says her first ever question in the House in 2006 asked if government would commit to investing in children and parents by creating adequate childcare spaces.

“Eleven years later, I ask the Premier, when will his government implement a full provincial childcare program that provides quality, affordable childcare spaces?”

Rogers reminded the House of Assembly that her Private Member’s Motion earlier this year urged government to enact pay equity legislation. Rogers says women make only 69 cents for every dollar earned by a man and the impact of this gap permeates the lives of women, from employment to housing to raising a family.

“I ask the Premier, where is his pay equity legislation that this House unanimously voted in favour of?” Rogers said.

Rogers also asked if the Premier would commit to providing multi-year funding to women’s centres in the upcoming budget.

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