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More Transparency Needed in Resources for Schools: Dinn

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

For Immediate Release

11 May, 2022

NL NDP Interim Leader and MHA for St. John’s Centre Jim Dinn is concerned about the lack of transparency regarding resources in our schools.

This week, Tom Osbourne, Minister of Education, said in the House of Assembly that his government has been the best at responding to the needs of schools in the province. Dinn argues that the response comes too late, after concerns have been raised, and forces the government to make quick and often poorly executed decisions for an immediate fix.

With the planned amalgamation of NLESD into government, and no word to teachers what will happen in September, Dinn is calling on the Minister to start being more transparent with teachers, parents, and staff.

“We continue to see this Liberal government respond too late to issues within our schools,” said Dinn. “This past September air purifiers had to be replaced just weeks before school began and it was clear that an adequate back to school plan was lacking, leading to issues with the tendering process for businesses. As well, the Chromebooks that were purchased to help students are now being taken away due to security risks. Our schools deserve to be more than an afterthought and more planning needs to take place. This government just doesn’t get it.”

Teachers, staff, and parents need to feel confident in sending their children to school knowing they are getting the best possible education. Schools must have the necessary resources they need and that are available to them.


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