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Minister’s Views on Pay Equity Concerning

Updated: 2 days ago

For Immediate Release

2 May, 2022

NL NDP Critic for Women and Gender Equality and MHA for Torngat Mountains Lela Evans says Minister Parsons’ approach to their portfolio is quite concerning and speaks to inaction on gender equity legislation in this province. The Torngat Mountains MHA is calling on the Minister to advance women by taking action and stop finding excuses to justify the wage gap in this province.

“Reading what is included in the minister’s briefing notes, and reflecting on the empty platitudes and responses from the Minister when questioned in the House of Assembly paints another picture of how this government just doesn’t get it,” said Evans. “Women in this province earn $0.66 on the dollar on average compared to their male counterparts. That’s reality. It should be clear to the Minister that pay equity legislation is sorely needed.”

The NL NDP is frustrated that after years of demanding action on pay equity legislation, the Liberal government points to their childcare program with the justification that no further action is needed.

“Childcare programming is absolutely a positive for women who often disproportionately take on childcare responsibilities,” said Evans.

“However, the Minister is doing a disservice to all of us working to advance women’s rights if they reduce our issues down to birthing and house cleaning. Women offer much more to this province and deserve to live in an equitable society,” Evans said. “This government’s view reminds me of all the times MHAs requested to see gender based analysis of legislation introduced by the Liberal government and were told it was a cabinet secret. Was the analysis completed to begin with? And if it was, was it a rubber stamp analysis?”


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NR 02052022 Minister’s Views on Pay Equity Concerning Evans
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