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Minister of Education Turns Down Challenge to Team-Teach for a Week: Dinn

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

For Immediate Release

11 May, 2022

Today, NDP Interim Leader and MHA for St. John’s Centre Jim Dinn challenged Tom Osborne, the Minister for Education, to teach with him for one week in a primary class to see firsthand the struggles being faced by teachers.

“We have been hearing from teachers that they have not seen the resources that have been promised by the Minister, and that it is becoming harder in the classrooms to give the individual attention they need,” said Dinn.

Yet, in the House of Assembly today, the Minister refused to accept the opportunity put forth by Dinn to work together to assess the needs that are not being met by this government and NLESD, and instead used the excuse that Dinn was “playing politics” when bringing up the need to listen to the cries from teachers across the province.

“We hear all the time from government members that their doors are open, and they are willing to work with members of the opposition,” said Dinn. “Yet here we have the Minister of Education not only refuse to join me inside of a classroom, but make excuses to discredit the voices of teachers who have been asking for more transparency and accountability from this government.”

Dinn says the offer still stands, and would like to have the Minister join him in a primary/elementary classroom for a week to see the realities of our provinces classrooms.


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