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MHA Calls for Action on Pay Equity for International Women’s Day

For Immediate Release

March 8, 2023

On International Women’s Day, NDP MHA for Torngat Mountains, Lela Evans, is calling on the government to take meaningful action and fix Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Legislation passed in the House of Assembly last fall.

“Last fall we witnessed backlash toward this government for failing to consult women’s advocacy groups and gender diverse people on this important legislation,” said Evans. “The Minister Responsible for Women and Gender Equality promised there would be ‘a fulsome pay transparency consultation process’ regarding the private sector. The Minister made a promise to consult before April 1st, and we have yet to see this happen,” said Evans.

“We have to question the Minister’s commitment to consult on effective legislation that addresses pay inequity in our province,” Evans said.

In October 2022 the Liberal government introduced Pay Equity Legislation saying it had been worked on by multiple departments for 40 years. However, there was no consultation process in place to engage Women’s advocacy groups, leaving everyone feeling excluded and marginalized.

“Across the province, women’s advocacy groups and gender diverse people continue to voice their frustration over the lack of consultation and transparency around pay equity legislation and are getting no response.”

At the Premier’s Round Table for Gender Equity in February, many attendees brought up pay equity and spoke about the work yet to be done to improve the legislation.

“Advocacy groups want to have a seat at the table. They need assurances that the legislation will have a real impact,” said Evans. “For government to continue to exclude their lived experiences and the work they do in the community from the consultation process is disrespectful to women’s rights and equality.”

“Pay equity is a human rights issue, and the government needs to be taking meaningful action to make sure this legislation helps women and gender diverse individuals,” said Evans. “Being transparent about their actions and reaching out to advocacy groups is the first step in showing people of the province that the government believes in pay equity and gender equity.”


For further information, contact Eddy St. Coeur, Director of Communications, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), or

NR 08032023 MHA Calls for Action on Pay Equity for International Women’s Day
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