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Members Statement - Urban Market 1919

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

If creation is the essence of entrepreneurship, then Ivy Allan and Greg Hanley, owners of Urban Market 1919, have created something wonderful that raises supporting local to a new level. And they did this in the middle of a pandemic while the economy was struggling.

With a small family loan, and support from NIDUS Development Incorporated, they embarked upon a business venture that is revitalizing the former Brookfield Dairy Factory and adjacent properties, and supporting locally made and supplied goods.

In five months Greg and Ivy have grown from selling the products of 50 to 150 small local vendors, everything from baked goods, meats, produce, arts, craft, and clothing.

They employ 14 people directly. Additionally, some vendors quit their regular jobs to pursue their passion full time; others have hired extra staff to keep up with the demand created by Urban Market 1919.

The support of their staff, customers, and vendors attests to the success of their vision, hard work, and creative spirit.

Please join me in wishing Ivy and Greg success as they plan to expand their business and promote the history of the area, namely Alcock and Brown’s first flight in 1919.

James Dinn

MHA, St. John's Centre

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