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Leader Alison Coffin unveils NDP Platform that puts people first


Priorities include fixing healthcare staffing shortages, increasing minimum wage to $15,

closing the gender wage gap, making post-secondary education affordable, creating a

regional public transit system, and democratic reform.

CORNER BROOK, NL – Today, NL NDP Leader Alison Coffin unveiled the NDP

election platform to build a better Newfoundland and Labrador. Coffin said people are at the centre of the NDP platform.

“The NDP offers a better choice for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a

choice that puts people first in every section of our vision,” said Coffin. “We cannot deny ourselves a better future when we know we can achieve a fairer and more just society

where no one is left behind.”

The platform promises to work for the people of the province by making everyday life

more affordable and improving health care and seniors care. The NDP plan focuses on allocating investments in the services that people depend on like child care, post-

secondary education, and removing the age cut off for insulin pumps for all people with

type 1 diabetes.

“The Liberal budget failed to fix the healthcare staffing shortages and people are paying

the heavy price,” added Coffin. “The Tories will cut in healthcare and there is nothing

progressive about that. The NDP plan puts the health and well being of people first.”

The NDP will also invest in a sustainable economy and take concrete measures to

protect the environment. This includes creating a Green Fund to support local

businesses, social enterprises, and community organizations who are pursuing green

and sustainable economic development initiatives.

“Too many people leave the province in search of job opportunities. It is heartbreaking,”

said Coffin. “How we manage and take care of our natural resources determines the

economic and social well-being of the province. We can do better.”

The NDP platform also focuses on fixing politics and government by stopping

giveaways to big profitable corporations, patronage appointments, and back room

deals. Coffin says that the NDP is committed to democratic reform to make sure every

vote counts in elections.

“Liberals give tax breaks worth tens of millions to big businesses instead of investing in

the basic services that people so desperately need,” said Coffin. “It is time to break this

cycle and put people first by ensuring proper, transparent oversight and make

government accountable to the people of the province.”

“Every New Democrat elected to the House of Assembly means one more voice for the

priorities that keep people awake at night,” added Coffin. “We will fight for a living wage,

for a stronger democracy and for better access to healthcare. This is what people count

on. This is what we will deliver.”


For more information please contact the NL NDP Campaign Communications Team by phone 709-746-7455 or by email


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