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Kim Churchill Outlines Priorities


26 January, 2024

Kim Churchill never planned to be a political candidate. But that was before she had to fight the provincial government for six years to ensure her Deaf child could get an education.

The NDP candidate in the Conception Bay East-Bell Island by-election says the campaign has been invigorating, encouraging, and educational for her. 

“It was so rewarding to meet so many people in the district, and find out that we all want so many of the same things,” she said today. “Basic things, that would make everyone’s lives better; the things that the NDP argues for all the time, not just at election time.”

Churchill was referring to the policy points she has been highlighting throughout the election:

  1. Removing the provincial tax from all home heating sources

  2. Restoring the shore-based manager for the Bell Island ferry service

  3. Pressuring government to restore the health services they’ve taken away, and

  4. Forcing the government to keep their childcare promises.

“Honestly, I think the best thing I can do for this district as an MHA is to keep reminding the Liberals of the things they have promised,” Churchill said. They’ve promised to fix the roads, they’ve hinted at high level talks to restore the clinic they closed, they’ve promised 6000 childcare seats by 2025-26 – the list goes on.

“When the voters of Conception Bay East-Bell Island cast their ballots on Monday, I hope they will, for the first time, elect an NDP MHA. After decades of neglect from successive Liberal and Conservative governments, the district deserves someone who will not give up the first time they hear ‘no,’ someone who will keep fighting. And that someone is me.”


Media Contact: Eddy St. Coeur, Communications, Newfoundland and Labrador’s NDP

Phone: 709.697.5363

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