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Independent regulatory review for aquaculture urgently needed: Rogers

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

The NDP Critic for Environment says Grieg’s massive aquaculture project is based on increasingly controversial methods and government wants to both allow it and invest $45 million of the people’s money to do it.

Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says Norway, Iceland, and Denmark are moving to land-based aquaculture, as are Nova Scotia and BC.

Today in Question Period, Rogers stated that in the last election, the Premier promised to review the development of land-based aquaculture and a possible land-based pilot project.

“I ask the Premier, why go ahead with Grieg’s problematic aquaculture project instead of a more environmentally and economically sustainable one? And where is his promised land-based pilot project?” said Rogers.

Roger says growing our aquaculture industry is a good opportunity for jobs and economic development, but our aquaculture regulations are among the worst in the country.

“Will he follow the example of Nova Scotia to set up a truly independent regulatory review in light of the new science and, once completed, put the regulations into law?” Rogers asked of the Minister.

Rogers reminder the Premier that the NL Coalition for Aquaculture Reform hand delivered letters to the Premier and the past and current Fishery and Environment Ministers last June asking for a meeting. They received confirmations of those letters yet they can’t seem to get a meeting.

“I ask the Premier again: will he meet with this group representing 20 organizations and scientists?” Rogers said.

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