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Government Must Clarify Stance on Using Temporary Replacement Workers

Updated: Feb 28

For Immediate Release

26 January, 2024

NDP MHA Jordan Brown (Labrador West) is echoing the concerns from the Association of Allied Health Professionals (AAHP) about the wording used by the Minister of Finance during the Collective Bargaining update last week. Brown is calling on the Premier to clarify what the Minister meant.

When asked about what it would mean if AAHP members voted to strike, the Minister responded by commenting that there are other workers that ‘offer similar services’ to their members. The AAHP has been public about members being distressed by this comment, fearful that this government may ask other workers to do the job of AAHP members should they take legal strike action.

“Comments like this create a lot of worry for these essential workers who are trying to fight for a fair collective agreement. I think the fact that the Furey government hasn’t publicly clarified the statement only adds more frustration and questions,” said Brown. “Members of the AAHP, and any union, should not have to call upon the Premier to clarify their stance about temporary replacement workers. There should be legislation put in place.”

Brown points to his many petitions in the House of Assembly advocating for government to introduce an Anti-Temporary Replacement Worker Legislation. This legislation has been shown to reduce the length and divisiveness of labour disputes, and helps stabilize the power between the worker and the employer. Yet, the Furey Liberal government will not commit to implementing it provincially.

“Anti-temporary replacement worker laws are not new; they have existed in Quebec since 1978 and British Columbia since 1993. Now there is federal legislation, yet the Furey Liberal government continues to delay implementing the legislation,” said Brown. “I have to question if this government refused to commit to implementing an anti-temporary replacement worker legislation because they want to be able to use temporary workers in incidences like this.

“Workers from every union deserve to know that this government will respect labour rights, and bargain in good faith by committing to not bringing in replacements in response to job action. Newfoundland and Labrador needs this legislation so workers are protected from governments who would consider replacing striking workers.”



For further information, contact Eddy St. Coeur, Director of Communications, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), or

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