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Government Must Address Issues with Pay Equity, Job Evaluation System

For Immediate Release

23 January, 2024

MHA Lela Evans (Torngat Mountains) has written to the Minister of Finance calling for an independent review of the Job Evaluation System (JES). Many workers in the province question the system’s efficacy; it has not been reviewed since being introduced in 2015.

In addition, says Evans, the Minister should do a gender-based evaluation to confirm that gender pay equity has been reached in the public sector.

“We know from an Information Note for Women and Gender Equality … that even with the HAY Management Classification System and the JES in place, (1) we still do not have a full understanding of the status of pay equity in the public service, and (2) an evaluation must be done to determine whether gender pay-inequity exists within the public service,” Evans says in the letter.

She commented that it is clear that this system is causing workers in the province to have questions and concerns that the government doesn’t seem to want to address.

“All workers deserve to have their concerns addressed, and an independent review is the best way to provide transparency and clarity about the JES.”



For further information, contact Stephanie Curran, Media Relations Manager, NDP Caucus at 330-0328 (c), or 



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