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Brown writes Premier Calling for Action on Regional Transportation, Connectivity, and Affordability

Premier Andrew Furey

Office of the Premier

PO Box 8700

St John’s, NL

A1B 4J6


January 9, 2024

Premier Furey,                                                                                  


I am writing today to express my concerns about regional travel within the province, namely the lack of transportation options available and their cost.


Air travel within this province remains very expensive, as can be seen from the prices quoted on airline booking sites. Limited province-wide bus service also hampers the ability of many to travel between the regions of our province. As we have seen with ferry access, unreliable service leaves those who depend on it feeling isolated and abandoned. Hundreds rely on our ferries for their daily commute, and when they do not run, this costs their workplaces and the economy at large. For those who cannot drive, their freedom is limited by the lack of accessible and cost-effective alternatives. Even for those who are able to drive, the lack of other modes of transport can prove burdensome and cost-prohibitive, especially for those located farthest from the Northeast Avalon, where services are centralized.        


I therefore ask that you make affordable provincial connectivity a priority this year. The time has come for government to begin meaningful engagement with all stakeholders on addressing regional travel within the province, both in terms of services provided and their affordability. By working with all levels of government, we can develop affordable solutions that improve work and educational opportunities, stimulate the local economy, reduce congestion on our roads, and cut our emissions. In sum, enhanced transport options would greatly improve the well-being of so many of our residents.

Either by land, sea or air, affordable and reliable regional connectivity must be a priority.



Jordan Brown

MHA for Labrador West                      

CORR 0901024 Brown writes Premier Calling for Action on Regional Transportation, Connectiv
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