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Brown Calls for Review of MTAP

For Immediate Release

20 February, 2023

NDP MHA for Labrador West, Jordan Brown, has written the Minister of Health calling for a review of the Medical Transportation Assistance Program (MTAP). In his letter Brown says the program continues to fail the residents it’s meant to serve. With the program only covering the airfare for one trip, patients are left to carry the cost of food and accommodations while traveling. Those requiring multiple trips to receive medical care in different parts of the province are only reimbursed 50% for any subsequent travel in the remainder of the year.

“Anyone that must make multiple trips from Labrador is often on leave from their employment or off work due to their illness,” said Brown. “This situation is leaving access to healthcare available only to those that have the income to pay for airfare at a moment’s notice, or those who can and are willing to carry debt.”

Brown is also concerned about the administrative burden added to patients as a result of the province’s healthcare structure. Aside from carrying costs and submitting claims to be reimbursed, patients are often required to prove they actually attended their appointments. This often comes with fees charged by physicians to have extra paperwork signed to satisfy MTAP’s requirements.

“If such proof is indeed required, the fees should be covered by MTAP,” said Brown.

“I ask that the MTAP program be evaluated to grant the proper funds and resources so that patients can access medical treatment without burdening Labradorians with healthcare debt as happens in the American system.”


The full letter has been included as an attachment to this release.

For further information, contact Eddy St. Coeur, Director of Communications, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), or

02202300 J. Brown Letter to T. Osborne
Download PDF • 939KB

NR 02202023 Brown Calls for Review of MTAP Program
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