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Bold Action Needed Now to Help People in the Province: Brown

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

For Immediate Release

12 May, 2022

MHA for Labrador West Jordan Brown is calling on the Liberal government to hear the calls for help from people all over this province and immediately find solutions to help now.

This Liberal government has said that they are putting in the measures that puts money back into the pockets of people in this province, but with the continued cost of living rising and people in this province unable to make ends meet, Brown says the time is now for bold action.

“We are hearing stories from people all over this province about how much they are struggling, how they can’t afford to live, and this includes many people who do not fit into the narrow criteria that this government has for assistance programs,” said Brown. “We need to take immediate action, and it must reach a far wider range of people in this province who need help.”

Today during Question Period in the House of Assembly, Brown made suggestions to government about bold action to get help to people sooner. Some of these include increasing the budget for NLHC to review and renovate any vacant units for immediate use and increasing the corporate tax rate, of which Newfoundland and Labrador has the lowest in all of Canada.

“Removing HST on electric home heat, increasing the rebate on home heating oil, committing to using the revenue from the Sugar Tax to subsidize healthy, affordable food for people in this province, are all things that this government can do to help people now.”


For further information, contact Stephanie Curran, Media Relations Manager, NDP Caucus at (o) 709.330.0328 or (e)

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