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Announcement from Earle McCurdy

Dear New Democrat, Today I announce my decision to step down as Leader of the NL NDP, effective at the end of September. It has been a privilege to lead our Party for two and a half years. After serious reflection, however, I decided it would be best for me, my family and the Party, if I step aside now. The 2015 election results were no doubt disappointing from both a personal and Party perspective. Having said that, despite the heavy “red tide” that threatened a provincial Liberal sweep in the aftermath of the 2015 federal election, our two outstanding MHAs, Lorraine Michael and Gerry Rogers, held their seats, with the help of Party activists, supporters, and committed voters. Now that we’re approaching the midway point of this electoral term, we need to know who will be leading the Party in the next general election. For me to do that, it would require a six year commitment – two years until the election, then a four year term should I be successful in getting elected. Driven by family considerations I had to make a decision now. I have a wonderful son just entering high school in Tracy’s hometown of Eastport, and Tracy has a small business there. We’ve been juggling our lives between Eastport and our home in Mount Pearl, but this summer we decided we’ll be permanently relocating to Eastport in the near future. The process of choosing a new Leader is a great opportunity for renewal and a great forum for debate around the values that define our Party. I am convinced that our province needs a strong New Democratic Party. The policies of the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives are virtually interchangeable – they stand for old-style politics. Our Party stood up for women’s rights before it was fashionable to do so. Our leaders marched in Pride parades long before politicians from other parties responded to emerging attitudes in society and eventually joined in. We provided great leadership on bringing mental health and mental illness into the mainstream of public debate in our province. We’ve stood side-by-side with Aboriginal communities, trade unions, literacy advocates, social justice groups, women’s organizations, student groups, and the disadvantaged. We’ve forcefully spoken out against the folly of the Muskrat Falls project and its detrimental effects on the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our Caucus has had an influence on political decisions in this province disproportionate to its size. Looking ahead to the 2019 provincial election The contest to replace me as Leader will help shape our approach to the 2019 general election, as we strive to significantly increase the size of our Caucus and accordingly our influence on the political life of Newfoundland and Labrador. My heartfelt thanks go out to our fabulous MHAs, as well as our provincial executive, our activists, and our dedicated Party members. It’s been an honour to serve as your Leader. Now, I encourage you to take an active role as we select a new Leader who will lead us into the 2019 provincial election. Yours truly,

Earle McCurdy, Leader, NL NDP


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