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Alison Coffin vows to put the people’s agenda on the table

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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April 25, 2019

Alison Coffin vows to put the people’s agenda on the table

By calling an early election, Dwight Ball has put himself ahead of Newfoundland and Labrador families, community groups and voters – and that’s why NDP Leader Alison Coffin said she’s fighting back.

“Dwight Ball has done what Dwight Ball always does – he’s made a move to help himself instead of helping the people of this great province,” said Coffin.

“This election should be a full discussion about how to improve health care for our families. It should be a discussion about how to make sure our kids get the education they need, and our moms and dads get the care they need as they age. It should be about an open and honest discussion about rate mitigation. It should be about how we bring more jobs to Newfoundland and Labrador so we stop the job losses, and give our young people the career options they deserve.”

Instead, Coffin said, the election campaign will be a rush job, with Ball ensuring other parties are unlikely to have full slates of candidates, and community groups don’t have time to get their issues on the agenda.

The NDP has not nominated a full slate yet, and with nominations closing today, is unlikely to.

“Charities and community groups want to know what each leader is planning, and they have a right to know,” said Coffin. “They want to get their issue on the agenda, and quiz their potential premiers on it, and they have a right to do that. Candidates need time to arrange to be off work, and to consider this big decision.”

“Dwight Ball has taken that right away from them as best he could.”

Coffin said in her run for Premier she’s going to put as much of the people’s agenda on the table as possible.

“Health care, seniors care, education, and the kind of good jobs you can raise a family on – I’m going to talk about those things, and I’m going to force Dwight Ball and Ches Crosbie to talk about it,” said Coffin.

“I love Newfoundland and Labrador, and I want it treated with more respect than we’ve seen from the Liberals. The people of this province are our greatest resources, and the Liberal and Conservative leaders are ignoring their needs.”


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