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Past Executive Members



NL NDP Leader – Earle McCurdy, Lorraine Michael
President – Mark Gruchy
Associate President – Alison Coffin
Associate President Labour – Bert Blundon
Treasurer – Angela Drake
Secretary – Paul Rowe
Membership Secretary – Kathleen Burt
Federal Liaison – Mona Rossiter

Regional Representatives


Labrador – Jason Wiseman

Western  – Adam Case

Central  – Annie Blackmore
Eastern – Rob Nolan
South Coast – Julie Mitchell

Members at Large – Sean Panting, Tim Peckford, and Caitlin Urquhart

NL Federation of Labour Representatives – Bill Hynd and Sherry Hillier

Women’s Caucus Representative - Jenne Nolan
NL NDP Youth Representative – Cameron Mercer-Maillet

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