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Nomination Process

Candidate Nomination Package

Prospective candidates must write to the NL NDP President, Lynn Moore, at to request the 2019 Candidate Nomination Package.

Closing dates for each district will be announced on a rolling basis and will be announced via news release, social media, and all updates will be posted to this web page.

Prospective Candidate Seeking Nomination

Individuals seeking to become candidates for the New Democratic Party of Newfoundland and Labrador must be members of the Party in good standing and must submit an application to seek nomination in a provincial district.

Application Process


The nomination package, available by request, includes all the required application forms for prospective candidates. An application to seek nomination in a provincial district shall be considered only when the following documents have been completed and submitted to the NL NDP.

  • Nomination of Candidate for Election – to be completed by an individual or affiliated organization entitled to membership in the Party nominating a prospective candidate

  • Candidate’s Declaration of Nomination for Election – to be completed by the prospective candidate seeking the nomination

  • Candidate Personal Disclosure Questionnaire – to be completed by prospective candidate seeking the nomination

  • NDP Membership List Confidentiality Agreement – to be signed by prospective candidate seeking nomination

  • Headshot photograph – to be supplied by prospective candidate

  • 250 word biography written in the third person – to be supplied by candidate

We require a headshot and biographical information to accompany news releases regarding your nomination/candidacy. Photos should be a head and shoulders style photo. They do not have to be formal studio portraits, but should be a good representation of your image. Biographical statements should be written in the third person and up to 250 words.

Applications should be addressed to the District Executive where one exists and sent to: President, NL NDP at

An application is incomplete and will not be considered if the required forms are not fully complete, signed, and received via email by the designated close of nominations for a district. The opening and closing of district nominations will be decided by the district in consultation with the Party and announced publically and communicated to members.

Prospective Candidate Nominations Committee


The Provincial Executive shall appoint a Candidate Nominations Committee (CNC) of the Executive to administer the nomination process. The Party President shall be a member of that committee. The CNC is responsible for ensuring guidelines for nomination of candidates as set down by the executive are followed and shared with the District Associations.

The CNC shall be responsible for ensuring all prospective candidate documentation requirements are complete, vetting of candidates is complete, and requirements of the Constitution of the NL NDP are upheld.

Approval of Application to Seek Nomination


The Candidate Nomination Committee (CNC) shall receive all applications to seek a nomination. Taking into account the principles of the NDP and the best interests of the Party, the CNC shall approve or reject prospective candidates seeking nomination.

Eligibility Requirements

No person shall be eligible to accept nomination as a candidate unless:

  • They are an individual member of the Party as defined by the Article 4, Section 1 of the Constitution. Visit to review the complete membership requirements.

  • They are eligible to be a candidate as defined by the Elections Act of Newfoundland and Labrador or the Canada Elections Act, as applicable.

  • They have completed a Candidate Disclosure Questionnaire, in the form set out by the Provincial Executive.

Role of a District Association


The District Association Executive shall decide, in consultation with the Provincial Executive, on the calling of a nomination meeting.

In districts where there are no organizations as provided for in Article 6 of the Constitution, the Provincial Executive shall have the responsibility for the nomination of candidates.

All nominations of candidates to represent the Party in a provincial election shall be subject to the approval of the Leader, in accordance with the Provincial Elections Act.

See Articles 6 & 7 of the NL NDP Constitution available at for additional details on the role of District Associations and the Nomination of Candidates for Provincial Election.

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