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An Election Like That Can Never Happen Again

Andrew Furey called an ill-timed, mid-winter, mid-pandemic election- not for the benefit of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians but for the benefit of the Liberal Party. 

Now look where we are: 

  • Voter turnout is the lowest it's ever been.

  • Voters across this province who wanted to vote were unable to. 

  • Questions still remain about the election process.

  • Court cases are waiting on the steps of the Supreme Court.

This is not right and fault lies at the feet of Andrew Furey and the Liberal Party.

The NDP is the only party consistently committed to reforming the province's Elections Act. 

The NDP wants to hear your stories about voting.

This election needs to be reviewed, and your experiences matter.


We also want to hear your ideas about changing the Elections Act and to make voting easier for everybody.

Every New Democrat elected will fight to ensure this never happens again. We know that if we want a different future, we have to make different choices. 

Share your story below.

Thank you for helping us out. Someone will be in touch soon with details.

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