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Thank You: E-Day Tomorrow // Shift the Tide // Take Action

You are all incredible.

On August 28, you entrusted me with the nomination to represent our party in a fight against Antle and Crosbie in the Windsor Lake byelection. Since then, we've been making some pretty big waves together. After three debates, hundreds of conversations, countless hours of door knocking, having my bike stolen (and graciously returned!), and very little sleep – I am more energized and fired up than ever! There have been so many volunteers and supporters helping out on the streets, on the phones, working behind the scenes, building signs, taking photos, making donations, and sharing their kind words and tremendous wisdom. I am truly grateful to you all. Thank you so much.

People across this province, the residents of Windsor Lake, and NDP activists across the country share a deep commitment to social justice, to good jobs, to building inclusive and diverse economies, to creating places where our democracy can thrive, and where our families can imagine a vibrant future. Tomorrow is election day. It is our chance to shift the tide – to show up and say that we've had enough of Liberals and PCs trading turns at making mistakes. I ask you to take action one more time and help me get elected by:

  1. Signing up to help us get out the vote tomorrow.

  2. Sharing information on social media about the Windsor Lake byelection.

  3. Making a donation to the campaign.

Together, let's make this our moment. Thank you,

Kerri Claire Neil NDP Candidate, Windsor Lake Byelection

ICYMI: A Brief on Kerri

Kerri Claire Neil is a social economist and feminist residing in St. John’s. Originally from Spaniard’s Bay, Kerri moved to St. John's as a young woman to attend Memorial University. Read more.

Join us Tomorrow

We need all hands on deck to help out on Election Day. If you got a few hours to spare or have a friend who might, we'll put the time and energy to good use! Sign up to volunteer here.

Need to get in touch?

Reach me and my team using the links below, or give us a shout anytime at 709-739-6387.


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