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Nicole Kieley stakes a claim in Mount Pearl North

Dear New Democrat, I am sending out a huge congratulations and thank you to Nicole Kieley on making a major breakthrough as the NDP candidate in the Mount Pearl North byelection on November 21 with24.7% of the vote – the best showing we have ever achieved in this district. I wish all of you could have been in the campaign headquarters on Tuesday night when dozens of Nicole's family, volunteers, and supporters hooted and hollered with jubilation when she arrived to meet them. As Nicole said, we would have preferred a different outcome, but we all joined her in celebrating this major achievement. For Nicole, this byelection was the first step.

This campaign was one of the most exciting I have ever taken part in. The energy and enthusiasm of Nicole's team was infectious and it appears that it is not going away. Looking ahead to 2019 Already, before we closed the HQ doors on Tuesday night, MPN members were talking with Nicole about the rebirth of the district association and where they go from here. There was a desire to build and be ready for a bigger campaign in 2019. The NDP in Mount Pearl North want a win. I welcome the many new members to the party who have joined us, motivated by Nicole and what she and the party stand for. I look forward to the exciting challenge ahead as we work together to prepare for the next general election. During the campaign, it was exciting to see not only new members, but many younger faces.Young people are getting the message that the NDP is the party that stands for them. They are tired of the old parties. We have a responsibility to live up to their expectations. Thank you to the campaign team I thank members new and old who worked so hard on the byelection campaign – the door knockers, the phone canvassers, the administrative help, those who provided food non-stop for everyone, all of you who made donations. The list is endless. Thank you to Campaign Manager Evelyn Riggs and Voter Contact Coordinator Judy Vanta. Their experience and commitment were invaluable, along with that of our many other seasoned members.

But finally, and once again, the biggest thanks to our youthful and energetic candidate, Nicole Kieley. From day one she was completely committed to the campaign. Her smile and commitment to championing NDP values – her values – were an inspiration for everyone else. Next up, Bonavista–Burin–Trinity But, that's not all. Now we have the federal byelection for Bonavista–Burin–Trinity with Tyler Downey as our NDP candidate. I encourage you to go to and hisFacebook page and learn more about Tyler and how you can support him. Thanks to Tyler for carrying the NDP banner and ensuring people in that federal riding have a full choice in whom tovote for when they go to the polls on December 11.

Yours truly,

Lorraine Michael Leader, NL NDP


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