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NDP Anti-Book Tax petition gets new life as students head back to class

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

As students at Memorial University and other post-secondary institutions in the province head back to class, they are discovering their textbooks are more expensive – 10 per cent more thanks to a Liberal budget decision to make this province the only one in the country that taxes books.

“There is no better illustration of the unfairness of this tax than watching our best and brightest leaving the university bookstore having paid 10 per cent more for the books they have to buy to get their education,” NPD Leader Earle McCurdy said today.

“Extra dollars are already scarce for students; for some, this means an extra 20 or 30 dollars per book. Textbooks aren’t discretionary purchases, either – they need to have these books if they are to successfully complete their courses.”

The NDP has been circulating a petition against the book tax; caucus members presented it in the House of Assembly before Christmas.

“The petition is still available,” McCurdy said. “The MUN NDP have been getting a very warm reception to it. Many students were unaware that their textbooks would increase in cost on January 1 as a result of the Liberals’ last budget.” McCurdy will be at the MUN NDP booth at today’s Clubs and Societies fair in the MUN Student Centre today from noon till two p.m.


To contact Earle McCurdy, e-mail or phone 739-6387.



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