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Looking Ahead to 2019: Congratulations to Kerri Claire Neil and team!

Dear New Democrats, Well, what an exciting campaign that was! As New Democrats we can be proud of the work we did together and proud of our candidate Kerri Claire Neil who showed the people of Windsor Lake that there is a different way to do politics and that young people can, and must, be at the table where decisions are made. They too must be part of the solution. What a joy it was to work with Kerri. How lucky were we to have such an outstanding candidate! Kerri says this is not the end of politics for her but only the beginning. Stay tuned!

Watch the Facebook Live video from our campaign headquarters after the byelection. The campaign was dynamic, focused, and fun! We gained lots of media attention and new members, and trained folks in the workings of campaigns thanks to the fiercely fabulous organizers Evelyn Riggs, Judy Vanta, and Kelly Roche. We engaged members and activists in all aspects of the campaign. People gave of their time and their money, they put up signs and took them down. Our team created brochures and coordinated social media and newsletters, knocked on doors, entered data, gave rides, made sandwiches, counted votes, did it all. And now we get ready for Fall 2019. District Associations are forming around the province. Contact us for a DA near you, or if there isn't one, we can help you start one. We'll be organizing campaign training throughout the year, watch for dates and locations. My friends, the late Jack Layton said, "We CAN look after each other better than we do today. We CAN have a fiscally responsible government. We CAN have a strong economy; greater equality; a clean environment. We CAN be a force for peace in the world." And I truly believe that this is what the people of NL want. Our task now as New Democrats is to work together throughout the province to show that, in fact, this is possible. Let's all keep in touch through our Facebook page. Let's keep talking, organizing, insisting, and persisting, teaching, and supporting one another so by Fall 2019 we will be ready like never before. And let's carry each other in our hearts as we work towards that goal.

In solidarity,

Gerry Rogers Leader, NL NDP


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