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Jim Dinn Accepts NL NDP Leadership

For Immediate Release

March 28, 2023

Being named officially the NL NDP leader won’t have much effect on how Jim Dinn does his job. “For two years Jordan Brown, Lela Evans, and I have focused on the needs of the people of the province, and we will continue to do exactly that,” he said today.

“It’s not as glamorous to announce funds to implement the comprehensive human resources plan that will be delivered in October, but that is what we needed to see in this budget – something that might show us the government is capable of a long-term plan.” Dinn adds that government continues to neglect the basic things that could potentially help the most people. “An adequately-resourced home care system would let people stay in their own homes longer if they wanted to. This would free up beds in long-term care, which would in turn leave more acute care beds available. Government must demonstrate an overall integrated plan for improving healthcare. The people lined up outside the Mundy Pond Clinic do not believe government does.”

Dinn says the NDP caucus will also continue its work on a Guaranteed Basic Living Income in Newfoundland and Labrador. After two years of NDP action, including two private member’s motions from the NDP, the House of Assembly’s All-Party committee is meeting regularly. “We are determined to ensure the committee will not water down the goal of everyone in the province having all life’s necessities,” said Dinn.

“The GBLI was recommended by the Health Accord as an important component of the social determinants of health. If people’s essential needs are met, there is less demand for chronic and acute health care solutions. It’s not flashy, but it’s important,” said Dinn.

He says the NLNDP also plans to keep the pressure on government when it comes to housing. While waiting to see exactly what will come of the Budget’s commitment to repair some existing NLHC housing and build “affordable” housing, Dinn and his caucus continue to encourage more co-op housing, physical accessibility and clearing up the Residential Tenancies Board Dispute Resolutions Board which has left hundreds of tenants and landlords in red tape limbo.

“Getting effective long-term results for people only happens with hard work,” said Dinn. “Jordan, Lela, and I are prepared to do that work, hold government accountable, and ensure that any decision made works for the people of this province.”


NR 28032023 Jim Dinn Accepts NL NDP Leadership
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