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The Liberals should do the right thing and release the Moya Greene report.

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador deserve to see the recommendations in Moya Greene’s report before an election is called. Send a message to the Liberals. 

The Liberals don’t want you to know how bad the report is going to be. Andrew Furey said that everything is on the table. So, what is he hiding?


  • Cuts to programs and services?

  • Layoff of health care workers?

  • More P3 hospitals?

  • More tax giveaways for multinational corporations and the rich?

  • Delaying $15/hr minimum wage?

  • Selling of our assets?


The Liberals want you to trust them again- like in 2016, when brought in the Liberal Levy and tried to close half of our libraries. There’s so much at stake for the people of Newfoundland & Labrador. We cannot simply sit back and wait for the report. 


We believe we can build a fair and green recovery for everyone. We can build a province where our seniors can live in dignity, where life is more affordable and where we make the wealthy pay their fair share. 


We know we can do better. 

Thank you for submitting your name. We know we can do better.

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