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“The Math Doesn’t Add Up” for Government’s New NLHC Builds

For Immediate Release

July 5, 2024


Jordan Brown, MHA for Labrador West, is questioning why government has not yet broken ground on the new NL Housing units announced during the 2024 budget. Brown also highlights that repairs on existing units have also not been completed. With an ever-growing waitlist, and the lack of units to accommodate those waiting, Brown says government’s plan for housing is clearly not working.

In April 2024, the waitlist for NL Housing units across the province had risen to 2,807. Brown says the waitlist shows that the demand is there, yet the rush to construct more units is not.

“There are 24 applicants on the waitlist for NL Housing in Labrador West, yet we will only be getting 2 new units, along with 5 units repaired. This is the case for districts across the province,” said Brown. “Government touts their commitment to addressing the housing crisis, but do they think just 100 new units across the province will put a dent in the waitlist? The math just doesn’t add up.”

Brown is calling on government to get back to the table and construct a plan that allows NL Housing to do more builds so that people on the waitlist do not feel hopeless in waiting for housing.

“There is a lot of hidden homelessness in the district. Our shelter only has 3 beds, forcing people resort to couch surfing. We acknowledge builds don’t happen overnight, however we know that the 2 new units for Labrador West will not address the housing crisis,” said Brown. “Whether it’s building up or buildings with multiple units, government must figure out a meaningful plan.

 “The lack of housing available in Labrador West is hindering the district from growing and expanding the way it should be. From workers, to seniors, to young families, the need for housing has never been higher, and government needs to dig deeper for solutions. 

“If government truly wants to house people, they need to buckle down and do the work.”



For further information, contact Stephanie Curran, Media Relations Manager, NDP Caucus at 729-2137 (o), or

NR 752024 The Math Doesnt Add Up for Government’s New NLHC Builds
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